Outside Rooms That Can Serve Several Functions

The summerhouse continues to provide an excellent way of increasing space within the confines of the residences garden that can be invaluable to the user and well within the budget range of the household’s income. Somehow this type of building has become more and more popular over the years and it seems that in many cases the remit for the building has developed far beyond the typical summer leisure activities that they originally were made to supply. Space within any growing household is always tight and the idea that there is a great leisure space in the garden is always helpful but these days that space can be expended to a study or a workroom as well as an extra bedroom on those occasions when extra people such as the children’s friends appear on a return trip from college.

The manufacturers have taken this into account and have built some excellent new models and the size range has increased over the years and sizes up to 20 feet by 10 feet are quite common. With sizes of this magnitude it is possible to subdivide the unit into two rooms. This can nzdepot be two for leisure or one as a workroom or storage facility and one for pleasure. It is possible that part of it may be used for storage areas provided the storage materials are safe and non-hazardous. Consider the Middlesex range of garden summer houses and the potential can be seen immediately. This best-selling range has a double frontage with a high pitched roof that fits very well into a garden scenario particularly with a cedar tile roof but the range will earn its place in the market if part of it can be used for multiple functions which are particularly cost effective if it gives two rooms instead of one. This particular building can virtually be used as a small house such is its size and versatility and it can even be added onto to provide the ultimate in extra buildings.

The idea of extending buildings can impact on local planning committees and they can stop the progression if they consider it too big but otherwise the planners can be helpful and will be pleased to help the applicant in any sensible building extension if there are any planning doubts. The two big items are the size of the garden, which must be big enough so that the building does not swamp the garden and the second is that the extension should not exceed the total area, which would normally be considered as too great and out of keeping with the house.

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